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We understand what is needed to improve operations through strategic partnerships and diversified sourcing solutions. Spinebel Outsourcing services includes;

Cyber Security

Cloud Technology

Performance Improvements

Productivity Improvements

IT Strategy Initiatives

IT Operations Initiatives

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Frequently Ask Questions

Why Spinebel?

Whether it is IT outsourcing or business process outsourcing, the decision is increasingly complex with the introduction of automation and cloud-driven solutions. Traditional strategic sourcing processes are being disrupted by technologies that are designed to replace human support models. As such, the drivers for sourcing have shifted from simply weighing cost savings to seeking best-of-breed strategic sourcing solutions, value-based services, flexible pricing, and increased customer satisfaction. As a result, it is easy to make the wrong sourcing decision. Our strategic sourcing consulting services address this need by providing support across the entire sourcing lifecycle from strategy, provider selection, implementation, and governance.

What is strategic sourcing consultancy and procurement advisory?

Our strategic sourcing consultants and procurement advisors define sourcing strategies that establish a business case for change, identify sourcing opportunities, and evaluate partner capabilities that will support future requirements. We take a holistic view of the service provider landscape based on our deep understanding of global sourcing solutions, industry needs, provider capabilities, procurement strategy, and emerging technology trends.

What are Information technology outsourcing?

Information technology outsourcing may include functions like managing IT infrastructure, providing IT support, maintaining cybersecurity, tailoring industry- or company-specific IT solutions and more. Companies may choose to outsource certain IT functions or hand off their IT needs entirely to a third-party provider like Prelude Services.

Who are Spinebel Technology partners?

Our technology partners includes; Kaspersky Lab, Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, Veeam, Veritas, Checkpoint etc

is there Ultimate Security?

The level of attention to security is optimal, we have been certified by Kaspersky Lab as a Cyber Security company and partnered with PECB/ISO on Information Security Risk Management and Data Protection/Privacy Management.

What are the support times that is available?

24/7 Customer Support.

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